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ABT is a leading Maruti Dealer in Tamil Nadu, with branches in Chennai, ..                                Read More..


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In the name and style of ABT Exppress, the speed Cargo ....

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The company had grown with 150 buses in 110 routes ......

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The division has 35 wind mills in Muppanthal area near

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Our Chairman
Our Chairman

Arutchelvar Dr. N. Mahalingam is basically an Engineering graduate. During his school days Sanskrit was his second language. Transport Industry was his first venture. He then entered Sugar Industry, Finance, Textile, Synthetic Gem Manufacturing and so on. Along with his industrial ventures for more than 30 years, he has also taken interest and was making indepth studies on Literature, Economics, History, Philosophy and Tamil Music. Vallalar Ramalinga swamigal and Mahatma Gandhi The Father of our Nation are

his driving forces and shaping spirits. Dedicated to those Great Souls he has written many an article on the Philosophies of the two great leaders.

And these apart, he has written articles on current problems of topical interest in the leading both Tamil and English Dailies. To his credit, he has published several books in Tamil and English on Gandhism, Industry, Philosophy and History.

Though he commenced his career as an Industrialist, in course of time he has switched over his interest to Tamil Language and Literature. At present in the 80th year of his age, he is devoting lot of time on exploring the origin of ancient Tamil language prior to the First Tamil Sangam period.
Industrial Conglomerates

Sri Sakthi Textiles Ltd (with 25000 spindles) was established at Pollachi in 1954 which is now being managed by his son-in-law Thiru B.K.Krishnaraj Vanavarayar, B.Com., B.L.

M/s. Indo-Swiss Synthetic Gem Manufacturing Co. Ltd was established at Mettupalayam in 1957 which is now being managed by Sri N.Krishnaswamy as Managing Director.

Sri Bhagavathi Textiles Ltd (with 25000 spindles) was established in 1963 at Chittoor, Kerala State.

Sri Chamundeswari Sugars Ltd was established with a crushing capacity of 1250 TCD in 1974 at Bharathi Nagar in Mandya District, Karnataka which has been expanded to 4000 TCD in 1989. The above unit is being managed by his brother-in-law Sri. A.Alagappan, Vice Chairman and Managing Director and his son Sri M.Srinivasan, Executive Director.

With all his sons and son-in-law having acquired professional expertise, they have been established with independent responsibilities of management of different units while Dr. N.Mahalingam, Chairman guides them in policy planning and counselling.

ABT Parcel Service (goods transportation service) was introduced in ABT in 1964 covering major destinations in South India.

Sakthi Finance Ltd established in 1950 to promote savings and provide financial assistance to Automobile operators has been strengthened and expanded to provide hire purchase and leasing services in addition to safety locker facilities to the customers. The operations have been made broad based with the active involvement of Sri S.N.Pai who retired in 1991. Dr.N.Mahalingam took charge as Chairman. The above Company is being managed by his son Sri M.Balasubramaniam as Managing Director

Sakthi Sugars Limited was established in 1964 with a crushing capacity of 1250 TCD which was expanded to crush 2500 TCD in 1971 and to 4000 TCD in 1974. A distillery to produce industrial alcohol was added in 1972. When Sakthi Sugars was established in Sakthinagar the sugar units in the country have been working around 150 days in a year. With consistent and innovative efforts to develop sugarcane Sakthi Sugars established a record of crushing around 300 days in a year with the average duration in Tamilnadu scaling to 200 days.

With the nucleus developed by Dr.N.Mahalingam, his son Sri M.Manickam has added a number of sugar units, a distillery, a foundry to produce automobile castings, a soya processing facility spreading over Tamilnadu and Orissa. This company is poised to handle over 25 lakh tonnes of cane per annum.


ABT is a leading Maruti Dealer in Tamil Nadu, with branches in Chennai, ..                                Read More..


ABT is a leading Maruti Dealer in Tamil Nadu, with branches in Chennai, ..                                Read More..

Parcel service

More Than 550 Company owned containerized vehicles

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