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In the name and style of ABT Exppress, the speed Cargo ....

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The company had grown with 150 buses in 110 routes ......

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ABT is a leading Maruti Dealer in Tamil Nadu, with branches in Chennai, ..                                Read More..

     ABT Parcel Service

  • More Than 350 Company owned containerized vehicles.
  • More than 120 routes spreading across eight states.
  • 216 lakhs kilometers running per year.
  • More than 500 stations spreading across eight states namely Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry, Goa, Gujarat and Maharashtra today.
  • 6 Lacs tonnes handling of goods per year.
  • Rs. 2400 Crores value of goods booking per year.
  • 1 Crore No. of articles being booked per year.
  • Company owned warehouses in all District headquarters.
  • Dedicated team of employees.
  • Richly experienced Agents Network.
  • Trained Drivers
  • Own Workshop
  • TATA trained technicians
  • Computerised operations at Branches .
  • Computerised central tracking of cargo.

The proof for the company's strength is that the company is making growth even in the highly challenging economic recession during the last four years when many companies are finding very difficult even to manage.

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The division has 35 wind mills in Muppanthal area near

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